Joel Selwood and Robert Dipierdomenico. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN.

Geelong Cats star Joel Selwood will take inspiration in coming years from the example of former Hawthorn premiership captain Luke Hodge who is finishing his career in a leadership role at the Brisbane Lions.

“I’m at that stage where I can get better within the team and play a team role, we’ve seen Luke Hodge do that, he was in the middle for a while and now he plays down back and helps them out,” Selwood said in Bendigo this week.

Now aged 30, Selwood is entering the latter stages of an illustrious career that has seen him win three premierships, six All-Australian awards, and an AFL Rising Star award.

But he said he still had plenty of motivation coming into his 13th year.

“I love that I go to work each day and enjoy it and it’s what you got to make sure of, you’ve got to keep having fun and keep wanting to get better,” Selwood said.

Asked about how long he’ll keep playing, Selwood was unassuming, saying that he has “hopefully a few”.

“I’m still contracted for three (years), but in saying that you just never know and you shouldn’t take it for granted either,” he said.

“I mean it is a great job, I can count the number of days on my hand how many bad ones I’ve had at the footy club.

“I’m quite lucky I’ve been able to spend them down at Geelong, it looks like three (more years) at the moment but anything can change.”

Looking to 2019, Selwood said he was excited to help the new recruits at Geelong fit in to the club’s mould.

“Luke Dahlhaus and Gary Rohan have been around for a period of time now and they’ve played some great AFL footy,” the Geelong captain said.

“We look forward to getting them within our team structure.”

He said Geelong had to forget their underwhelming finals defeat at the hands of Melbourne.

“We were really disappointed with the way that we finished up the season… we thought we were a bit better than that on the day and we didn’t play as well as what we would have liked… but you do have to move on,” Selwood said.

Selwood said the young players coming through today were better prepared than he was when he moved from Bendigo Pioneers to the rigours of the AFL.

Selwood visited St Monica’s primary school with Robert ‘Dipper’ Dipierdomenico on Tuesday to promote the Cloud Copy Click-sponsored Premiership Schools program that aims to inspire student leadership.

– Ben Hann