Simon Wooldridge. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN.

Simon Wooldridge has been keeping tickets and a notebook from the 1000 plus sporting events he has attended since the late 1970s.

The cover of his book is covered with photos of tickets for Liverpool versus Arsenal, the Rangers versus Celtic and just about anything that has happened at the MCG.

His memoir details some of the adventures, highlights and quirky experiences in the stadiums, grounds and racetracks across the world during that time.

And let’s not forget the pubs and drinking adventures.

I Like To Watch: Stories From The Stands sees Wooldridge at test matches in India and Sri Lanka, visiting soccer hotbeds in Argentina, Poland and Glasgow, and on a quest to see a game at every Major League baseball stadium in North America.

Along the way he spends two years deciding which Aussie rules club to barrack for – culminating in an emotional Grand Final at the MCG.

His soccer travels take him to the English lower divisions in Spain and Latvia.

He is also left wondering what happened to Melbourne Heart.

But that’s not all.

In this humorous book, studded with anecdotes, he also covers rugby, horse racing, greyhound racing, Thai boxing and running with the bulls, sort of, in Pamplona.