Emily Qiao from Robogals with Girton students Maddison McArthur and Dishant Porwal. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN.

ROBOTS, computers and maths equations were all the rage at Girton Grammar’s Junior School last week, with the international Robogals program visiting students in the hope of encouraging female participation in science, technology, engineering and maths subjects.

Students were engaged in workshops, discussions and hands on activities with a specific focus on engineering, to alter the stereotype that women can’t undertake a career in the field.

The program was lead by volunteer female students from University of Melbourne and Monash University.

Workshop leader Conchita Khan said the program was aimed at showing female students that women are more than capable in this area.

“We know there is a big gender gap in the engineering field specifically, it’s very male dominated,” she said.

Both female and male students took part in the program, which year four teacher Helen McRory believed promoted to boys that girls can also take on these subjects and careers.

“They will grow up hopefully encouraging and supporting women in the workforce to tackle anything that’s part of these STEM subjects, but with engineering in particular,” she said.