James Brown, Boh Dower, Jenine Threlfall and Greg McClure. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN.

Come the school holidays, some people head up to the coast or take a cruise or sit by the pool; but not so Jenine Threlfall.

For the sixth year in a row she will be leaving Australia on Boxing Day and flying to Nepal, where aided by sponsorship from friends and service club,s she will be supporting individuals, families and communities in remote areas of Nepal.

“Organisations like the Kawanis Club have also been wonderful and they know that donations go directly to the people,” Ms Threlfall said.

“Every year I manage to get sponsorship and as I go back regularly I can report on the progress that the children and their families are making.”

Ms Threlfall’s daughter, 23-year-old Lauren, has accompanied Jenine to Nepal on three occasions and is heavily involved in the running of the education programs.

This year, Ms Threlfall is excited that her eldest daughter, 26-year-old Cherie, will also join them on the adventure.

For the first time, Ms Threlfall is hoping to raise money by organising The Nepal–Ease fundraiser at Belvoir Park Estate on Sunday, between 2pm and 6pm.

Light snacks will be available for sale as will wine, beer and soft drinks – EFTPOS available.

The event is being supported by Greg McClure of Belvoir Park Estate.

People are also welcome to bring their own food.

There will also be door prizes, live music and jewellery for sale made by Tibetan refugees.

The cost is $22 per head and of that $20 goes directly to the Meghauli villagers. There is free entry for the under 16 year olds.

Ms Threlfall said the poverty is extreme and many parents travel to India to work, leaving the grandparents to raise the children.

Apart from health issues such as renal disease, Ms Threfall said there were occasional problems with tigers and elephants.

“We’ve received instructions about what to do when we’re in the jungle, climb trees and throw things but we’re a bit confused,” Ms Threlfall said.

“I’m really quite anxious about selling tickets, You can buy them on the day, from the 8 Sisters restaurant or the Central Deborah Goldmine.”

– Dianne Dempsey