Keen fishers may recognise this icon of the sport.

Bendigo Legion Angling Club member Jayden Rice has continued the winning form that saw him take out the largest fish of the season for 2018, off to a flying start with an 81 and 72 centimetre Murray cod last weekend from the Gunbower Torrumbarry area.

Bigger fish are generally associated with deeper water but Jayden’s solid fish were all trolled up from water around the 1.5 metre mark.

Stealth also was not a requisite, as although the electric motor proved beneficial in helping landing several fish, several more were also caught trolling under outboard power. As usual structure proved an ideal area to target initially, but some of Jayden’s fish did come from the more featurless shallows as well.

Once again indicating that mixing it up is often the best recipe for success has also been proved by the recent Russell Ford Memorial Trophy winner Mick O’Connor, who picked his winning fish 75cm Murray cod on a shallow-diving lure trolled in tandem with the usual deep-diving cod type lure.

Second place for the popular club trip on the first weekend in December above Torrumbarry, went to myself with a feisty 58cm fish trolled up from around the five metre mark with Phil Pretlove taking third place with a legal sized fish on bait.

Closer to home Lake Eppalock seems to be a bit of a hit and miss affair for those seeking redfin or golden perch.

Hopefully with the advent of more settled weather fishing may improve, leaving us to contend with the influx of boating activity over the summer holiday period.

Early starts coinciding with first light may therefore be the best option.

All lake users should also take note of the new emergency markers around Eppalock’s perimeter, which should make in easier for emergency services to respond to an emergency.

The markers installed by Goulburn-Murray Water and funded through Victoria’s Boating Safety & Facilities Program, resemble large street signs with white text on a green background.

Each has an unique alphanumeric code made of three letters and three numbers.

These marker locations are also included on GMW’s interactive water mapping tool for Lake Eppalock which can be also be found at
Choose between Eildon and Eppalock and agree with the disclaimer.

Now you’re ready to explore by clicking the water level icon – which looks like sheets of paper next to the information icon.

Choose the relevant water percentage, currently at 50 per cent and all is revealed.

A perfect tool for fishermen and boaters alike.

Fishermen and boaters should also be aware of the impending closure of Greens Lake at Corop during the New Year period from noon Saturday, December 29 until noon Tuesday, January 1 due to safety concerns.

Nick Atyeo