Catherine McAuley College students with the book.

FAMILY, community and love is the focus of a collection of writing released by Catherine McAuley College EAL students, promoting the power of story telling and positivity.

The book, Our World of Colour, already in its second printing, was part of a school-based work project undertaken last year, centred on the qualities students were grateful for.

The project included an off-school panel discussion at Bendigo Library last November, where students presented their works and stories to an audience, alongside a documentary series.

Many of the students are new arrivals to Bendigo from various backgrounds.

Year 11 student Hakima Qurbani wrote a creative piece, Light and Hope, on likening her mother to light.

“It was a chance to write something about her, to say something that I’m thankful for her,” she said.

For Po Tu Tu, his story centred on depicting his auntie as a night sky.

“She is the light, she tries hard, and she is always there to help me,” he said.

“When I first came to Australia, she was looking for a better place for me, the better school for me.”

Po Tu said he wants people to take away the experiences and challenges his auntie faced in her life from reading his story.

“I would like the other people to look at her, because she always tried hard, and even though she has fallen down, she stands up for her community,” he said.

Teacher Dianne Hill said the project was about putting the students in the driving seat.

“We hope these young people can be seen as empowered and valued members of the community,” she said.

Copies of the book are available to buy by phoning the Catherine McAuley College office on 5445 9100.