Richard Vandenberg. Photo: BRENDAN McCARTHY.

WITH back to school sales heating up, Bendigo Rotary Club is urging locals to dig deep to support their work in donating supplies to disadvantaged schools in Timor and Samoa.

The club is asking for donated exercise books, textbooks and school requisites, or cash to purchase items, with coordinator Richard Vandenberg saying they’re relying on the good will of people to help out.

“These schools don’t usually get access to these items,” he said.

“Our club sees this as an opportunity to provide for underprivileged kids and their schools in these communities.”

He describes sights that club members have seen when travelling to these countries, such as three students using the one exercise book as they couldn’t access one each.

“We take books for granted,” he said.

Books in good condition, or money to make purchases, can be dropped at Reilly’s Home Appliances in Mitchell Street or Helloworld Travel at the Bendigo Marketplace.

For more information, contact Mr Vandenberg on 0418 323 772.