Take a stroll down Pennyweight Walk off Bath Lane and have a look for an art installation which comes in the form of a tiny diorama.

We’re not giving out any more clues because part of the fun here is to find the art work, but don’t touch, as it is somewhat fragile.

Melbourne artist Liz Sonntage has been installing these whimsical pieces for the past three years or so, essentially for her own amusement.

A resident installation/street artist at The Blender Studios in Melbourne, she works with miniature figurines and vintage or found objects, making use of street landscapes and gallery spaces.

“My miniature artworks are accompanied by witty captions to give each piece a humorous context, exaggerate a message or emphasise playful folly,” she said.

In the case of her Pennyweight Walk piece the inscription is as follows, “Henry and Tom wished the local cafes would take smashed eggs off the breakfast menu. They had their fingers crossed they’d be laid off.”

Liz said she is particularly fond of Bendigo as her late uncle, Michael John was the former member for Bendigo East and her family often came up the Calder Highway to visit him.

Ms Sonntage has held sell-out solo shows, participated in group exhibitions and street art festivals, and was a featured artist at the Biennale of Australian Art (2018).

A walk down Degraves Street or other areas in Melbourne where street art is featured will often lead you to a tiny example of Liz’s world.

For further information: www.theblenderstudios.com/Tinky