Alanna and Alicia Egan.

It is 18 months since former Bendigo residents, identical twins Alanna and Alicia Egan, performed on a Bendigo stage, but their return is sure to pull a crowd at the inaugural Bendigo Autumn Music festival.

“It is so exciting to have a new festival in Bendigo that includes so many wonderful high-profile artists,” Alanna said.

The delightful soul-searching, jazz inspired, rhythmic and harmonious duo will be joined by another talented former Bendigo resident, musician and regular band member Damien Neil (guitar), accompanied by Silas Palmer and Sarah Busutil (violin and keyboard).

Bendigo just keeps getting better and better in terms of music according to Alanna, thanks partially to the Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival gaining momentum, resulting in lots of great venues opening up throughout the city.

Alanna and Alicia have charmed national and international audiences alike, with their original, folksy jazz songs for more than a decade, with quirky insightful lyrics and sweet harmonies with dream-like melodies that resonate with audiences, no matter where they perform.

When asked about the advantages of performing with her twin sister Alicia, Alanna said they enjoyed a natural rapport in terms of their ability to harmonise with each other, as they developed their skills singing together as they grew up.

“We have genetically enhanced harmonies,” Alanna jokingly hinted, who is currently in the studio recording her first solo jazz album with her 20s and 30s swing band Alanna and Old Hat Jazz.

“This is a separate project to the twin band,” she said.

April’s audience will be treated to a number of tracks off the harmonious sisters’ earlier albums including Songs I’m Singing with Me (2017), a tribute to former local musician and poetic songwriter John Beavis, who performed throughout central Victoria in the 70s and 80s.

There may also be a taste of things to come with some new compositions on the way.

“Alicia and I have been writing a lot of songs over summer as well which we will hopefully get on to a new twin album later this year,” Alanna said.

Alanna and Alicia – Sunday, April 28, more details

Nick Atyeo