Robert Holian

DOCTOR Robert Holian will contest the seat of Bendigo at the upcoming federal election as an endorsed candidate for the Australian Greens.

Dr Holian has worked at Bendigo Health as a junior doctor and in Kyneton and Bendigo in general practice. Having spent multiple years of medical school living and training in a variety of regional towns, he and his wife chose to make Bendigo and the surrounding region their home.

“This community has been so welcoming of me, and I’m truly honoured to represent the Greens principles of sustainability, equity, integrity and compassion,” Dr Holian said.

“I’m constantly learning from my patients. The variety of my work means I’m always acutely aware of the concerns of our community, and the real effects government decisions in Canberra can have on people’s lives.”

Dr Holian said he wanted to provide leadership on issues that matter most to the people of the Bendigo region.

“Some politicians pay lip service to acting on climate change, but only the Greens advocate for the initiatives needed to transition our country to 100 per cent renewable energy, and achieve ‘net zero’ carbon emissions.”

He said it was important for regional and rural communities that Australia continues to invest and improve the health system, expand government-funded dental care, and properly resource the nation’s mental health system.