In control: Jordan Curran

Jordan Curran has been presented with the Anthony Gobel Flying Scholarship for 2019.

Jordan is the recipient of this strongly-contested scholarship from the Bendigo Flying Club that provides a young person with funds to complete a recreational aviation pilot certificate.

Two weekends ago, Jordan undertook a flying test in which he had to demonstrate flying skills and manage complex aviation theory, alongside 14 other applicants.

President Danny O’Brien said the club is keen to give young people a boost with flying training.

“By getting this level of pilot training they are on their way to becoming commercial or recreational pilots,” he said.

“This is the fifth year the Bendigo Flying Club has awarded this scholarship.”

Jordan has a big vision.

He has backed his dreams by working when he can in aviation related roles.

He volunteered his time at the Avalon Airshow this year and has recently worked as a baggage handler at Mildura Airport.

He is a member of the Royal Australian Air Force Cadets.

Chief flying instructor Linda Beilharz said Jordan will begin his training by learning how the aircraft controls work, and how to move the aircraft through space while developing skills to check the safety of the plane and the flying activity.

“We aim to instil strong airmanship qualities in our students. They can love the freedom of flight, and also have the maturity to fly safely. It’s a good time to be learning with our great Bendigo Airport and a growing demand for pilots,” she said.