Brad Hodge celebrates his creativity. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

Emerging Bendigo artist Brad Hodge is exploring what it means to be “fully human”, while raising money for a humanitarian project in Cambodia.

Mr Hodge describes his exhibition as a celebration of his happy obsession for creating things.

The happiest part of his day he said is when he finds an hour or so to create and enjoy the meditative process.

His digital art is at times confronting and challenging. One such example is his image of two Janus–like heads depicting the past and the future that lies within us all.

Mr Hodge has lived in the Bendigo region for the past 15 years. An academic at La Trobe University, he works in Rural Health, researching community engagement programs.

Artwork is for sale, with proceeds going to AusCam Freedom Project.

Mr Hodge will be at the gallery on both days this weekend to talk to visitors, and explain the meaning behind each piece.

The exhibition opens tonight 7pm and can be seen this weekend from 10am-4pm at Dudley House.