Cameron Penna and Myl Duffy with an eBike.

Nine staff and students at La Trobe University received an electric bike to use for six weeks as part of an eBike trial.

Pioneered by the RACV, the trial will look at how eBikes can fill transport network gaps and observe participants’ behaviour change during the trial.

Trials have already been conducted in Geelong and Moreland in Melbourne, with Bendigo selected as the next trial site because of its high quality bicycle infrastructure.

The six week study will take data from users each week, with transport between the Flora Hill campus and the health precinct just one of the proposed routes that would benefit from eBike usage.

A cheaper and evolving mode of transport, eBikes could offer a solution to those in regional areas where public transport is in short supply.

eBikes feature an auxiliary motor and run via a rechargeable battery.

They are limited to a top speed of 25 kilometres per hour in Victoria and eBike users are required to follow the same road laws as other bicycle riders, including wearing a helmet.