A list of Bendigo’s best places to eat, drink, shop and have fun has made its way to Instagram.

Bendigo Streets is a locally produced page featuring some of the city’s highlights, for travellers and locals alike.

The page’s curator, who wishes to remain anonymous, said they needed to make something informal to showcase what Bendigo has to offer.

“I get asked all the time what people should do,” they said.

“It’s hard to tell everyone verbally where everything is, so this is it.”

Bendigo Streets was impulsively put together one afternoon.

It doesn’t include major chains, but rather locally owned or operated businesses and boutiques.

Its curator is well connected to others in this community, but prefers the guise of anonymity.

“I’d like to see if people think it’s a good idea and not just join the page or put up the posters because we are friends,” they said.

The distinctive Bendigo Streets posters are up in shop fronts across the city.

The page boasts more than 500 followers and you can check out all the city has to offer on Instagram, @bendigostreets