Ehtha, Kaw Moo and Tha Shee practice traditional Karen cane ball. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

The second annual Bendigo Karen Youth Network Cane Ball tournament will feature a record 18 teams tomorrow at the Bendigo Badminton Stadium in Eaglehawk.

The tournament will bring together players from Canberra, Nhill, Werribee and Ringwood to Bendigo to participate.

“Organisers are thrilled to have doubled the number of players in just the second year of the tournament,” Bendigo Karen Youth Network group leader Nay Chee Aung said.

Cane ball is a traditional activity from the Karen community and is considered the national sport of Myanmar and people living in refugee camps in that region.

The sport features a handwoven rattan ball and is similar in skills to games like hacky sack.

“We are showcasing the Karen community and their contribution to Bendigo,” Mr Aung said.

The Bendigo community is invited to attend the tournament between 9am and 4pm to learn more about the sport, Karen culture and have some fun.

The city’s community partnerships manager Steven Abbott said more than 2000 Karen people have been welcomed to our community since 2007.