Fans of Rock & Roll will soon be treated to a fabulous concert, The Class of ‘59.

In this popular tribute Scott Cameron is Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley is played by Anthony Petrucci,  Jerry Lee Lewis by Matty Breen, James Nation-Ingle plays  Bill Hayley and Simon O’Connor is the Big Bopper.

While formal entertainment was expensive back in the 50s, on a Saturday night many families played their favourite LPs, cracked a few beers and danced up a storm.

The music these good ol’ boys play is contagious and includes songs such as Don’t Be Cruel, Hound Dog, Peggy Sue and Great Balls of Fire.

As a side note, the original musicians are all dead with the exception of Jerry Lee Lewis who is believed to be recovering from a stroke.

The following night at the Capital, Michael Jackson will be taking the town by storm.

Played by Melbourne performer TJ Cappola, his Michael Jackson concert features a premier live band, professional dancers, identical choreography, replica costuming and a state of the art lighting spectacular.

The Class of ‘59 is Back on its Rock & Roll Circus Tour and will perform at the Capital Theatre on Friday, June 28, with Michael Jackson on Saturday, June 29.