A bold and spectacular exhibition at La Trobe Art Institute will take up all of the gallery spaces, including the gallery exteriors.

Autoluminescent plays with the luminescence of a substance due to energy originating within itself.

As such, the exhibition presents a range of luminescent works that generate light or draw on available ambient light, transforming it through a process of reflection, refraction and absorption, harnessing the power of light to produce ephemeral sensory works of art to be experienced in-place.

Autoluminescent presents artwork by three Australian contemporary artists who work across a variety of media.

The one thing they have in common is that they embrace luminescence in aspects of their work.

Ideas they explore include the nature of visual perception, light-induced sensory experience, temporality, transformation and the interplay between minimalism and monumentalism.

Artists talks will be held by Rebecca Baumann and Brendan Van Hek. La Trobe Art Institute, View Street, Bendigo.

A twilight launch will be held today, 5-7pm, and the exhibition will run until August 24.