Junior cricket players meet Dai Gum Loong as part of a recruitment campaign.

Junior players from the Sandhurst Cricket Club came face-to-face with Bendigo’s newest Imperial Chinese dragon, Dai Gum Loong, at the club’s recruitment launch at the Golden Dragon Museum on Monday.

The campaign aims to encourage more women and children to take up the sport.

Co-president of the Sandhurst Cricket Club Shane Robinson said they were thrilled to have the support of the museum but they also need the support of the central Victorian community.

“The opportunities that are there now for women in cricket and sport in general are just fantastic. We want to be able to provide those opportunities at Sandhurst,” Mr Robinson said.

The club has close to 10 girls in their junior competition but would like to be able to establish a stand-alone girls’ team and a senior women’s team.

“We’ve tried to place a real onus on having a good quality culture with our juniors, so providing a really good platform and having a link between our senior cricketers and our junior cricketers is something that we really focus on,” he said.

Federal member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters also attended the launch and said it was exciting to see the growth in female participation in sport.

“If we want women in sport to excel, we need to look after grassroots organisations,” Ms Chesters said.

Those wanting to join the  Sandhurst Dragons should contact junior co-ordinator Paul Henderson on 0428 177 314 or email the club at sandhurst@club.cricketvictoria.com.au