Jeff Horn moves to middleweight following his bout against Anthony Mundine. Photo: Contributed

Boxer Jeff Horn is back in the swing of training ahead of his August 31 fight against Melbourne’s Michael Zerafa.

Horn spoke to The Weekly before a gruelling training session this week and said a shorter fight preparation has meant that his training is going to be more intense.

“I’ve only just gotten back into training and the body is pretty sore at the moment,” Horn said.

“I’m a little tired, but this is a faster than normal preparation to begin with and I’ve had other life things going like babies coming along to help with.”

Jeff and his wife Jo welcomed their second daughter Charlotte into the world on June 20, with Horn relishing all that fatherhood has to offer.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Horn said.

“It’s exactly what I want to be doing and being a dad and enjoying that part of my life with my two daughters is what life’s about for me.”

Known for his triumphs against Manny Pacquiao and more recently Anthony Mundine, Horn is moving up to the middleweight division after how well he felt fighting Mundine.

“I fought Mundine at 71 kilograms and fought incredibly strong. I didn’t want to drop another kilo or so, so I went up to 72.5kg and middleweight,” Horn said.

His journey in the division starts with his bout against Zerafa at Bendigo Stadium, with his aim to climb the middleweight rankings and see where it takes him.

Horn is not oblivious to the challenges a new division holds and expects middleweight fighters to be taller, bigger and stronger.

“They’re going to punch harder and the guys are bigger, that’s going to tire you out if you’re not used to that heavier body pushing on you,” he said.

Tickets to the Battle of Bendigo on Saturday, August 31 start at $39 and are available at or from the Bendigo Stadium box office.