Council has agreed to issue a permit for the subdivision of the former function venue Nanga Gnulle in Strathdale after a near three-year application process.

The site at 40 Harley Street has been approved for a 13-lot subdivision after more than 110 objections to the original application lodged in November 2016.

The major hurdle to approval was the heritage significance of the mudbrick residence, which will now form part of lot nine following a heritage review commissioned by the council.

The building was constructed by Alistair Knox, who was an important figure in the development of post-war residential architecture in Victoria.

It was constructed using recycled materials including bricks, stone, timber and architectural features from demolition sites around Bendigo.

The subdivision will create lots ranging between 751 and 2671 square metres, with the largest containing the Knox dwelling.

The removal of 0.266 hectares of native vegetation was deemed acceptable, given none of it was deemed to be of high quality or of high conservation significance.

The grounds of objection to the subdivision included the environmental impacts from the removal of vegetation and buildings,  concerns about neighbourhood character, loss of open space and the proposal being contrary to council’s Heritage Policy and Environment Policy.

Councillor Andrea Metcalf said that it was important to spend some time reflecting on the journey that has been undertaken to arrive at the decision when speaking at Wednesday’s council meeting.

“Throughout this process, the applicant has been considerate and accommodating, within reason, and I thank them for that,” Cr Metcalf said.

“While the outcome won’t be to the satisfaction of everyone, I believe a reasonable compromise has been achieved in this instance,” she said.

The permit was issued with the endorsement of all councillors.