Keeping warm while riding the bike is easier than you may think, especially if the reason you cycle is to get from A to B.

The simple advice is just to wear what you ordinarily would to keep warm when you’re not on the bike.

But for those who’d like a bit of a nudge to get them going, here’s a few garments and procedures to help you keep on the bicycle through winter.

For me, the bike is just a cheap and usually enjoyable way to get around town.

I don’t dress for exercise and often take it slow so I can enjoy the sights and not arrive out of breath.

In some respects, riding the bike is a little better in winter than summer as it tends to be easier to keep warm than it is to keep cool.

The first tip to keep warm is to layer your upper body clothing. I go for a singlet, long sleeve shirt, jumper, and jacket.

Depending on the weather and how fiercely you cycle along, you may need to take the jacket off along the ride.

The jacket is easy to store if you have a basket on the bike, but it could also go in a pannier or backpack.

The second tip is thermal leggings. I came across a pair on special a few winters ago and am confident that I’ll never experience cold legs again.

Make sure you accompany the leggings with a thick pair of pants and socks.

The third tip, for the extra chilly rides, is a scarf or a hood that you can pull around your neck.

A headband from an adventure shop can keep your ears warm and will usually fit under the helmet.

The most important piece is a pair of gloves with a double lining.

Cheap knitted gloves are no good: the wind flows straight through them.

And never leave with cold hands; such horrors are irrecoverable on the move.

Especially in winter, there are times where you may find yourself caught in a downpour.

On these days the Dutch would say that you’re not made of sugar (you won’t melt in the rain), but there are ways to keep dry.

You can find storm wear at an adventure shop.

The best on the bike is a thin and waterproof trouser and jacket set that you can pull over your clothes.

They fold up tight and can be easily stored in a bag or backpack.

You’re unlikely to need them too often.

Sticking with the bike through winter is can be very rewarding. The soft light, long shadows, glistening leaves, and bite in the wind really make you feel like you’re a part of a living planet.

Riding a bicycle is wonderful way to keep the planet and yourself healthy in the years to come.

– Augustus Brown