Writers festival’s Cecile Shanahan with some of Briony Stewart’s illustrations. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

Children’s book Nullaboo Hullabaloo has come to life in Bendigo’s Capital Theatre with a new display showcasing the book’s illustrations.

Nullaboo Hullabaloo is award winning author Fleur Ferris’s first foray into a story for younger readers and features artwork created by writer and illustrator Briony Stewart.

La Trobe University Bendigo Hon. Associate Sarah Mayor Cox said it is fabulous they are able to display the original artwork in the lead up to the Bendigo Writers Festival.

“We always aim to run an art exhibition alongside the writers festival. It’s a wonderful thing for all to see, great value is placed on the skills and creative processes behind the illustrations,” Ms Mayor Cox said.

“We’re able to show children reading is not just about words. It’s about creativity, images and design too.”

Ms Mayor Cox hopes children will be inspired by the artwork to dream big.

“You never know what seeds have been planted by reading. Children may think, ‘Wow, I can do that too’,” she said.