Koori engagement and support officer Matt Holmes at White Hills primary school. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

Preps at White Hills Primary School came face-to-face with an array of animals on Monday as part of their Indigenous perspectives and Australian landmarks unit.

The incursion had prep children rotating between various activities including a petting zoo, Indigenous painting and a Q&A with Indigenous elders who shared knowledge of tools, land and Dja Dja Wurrung history. 

Leading up to the incursion, the children have been busy covering Australian history, animals and historical and ecological Indigenous views in the classroom.

Prep teacher Jeanine Fitzgerald said it’s a wonderful time for children with so many fun and exciting things to learn.

“The kids really grow because we’re covering real world experience,” Ms Fitzgerald said. 

The unit also encourages children to be inquisitive.

“It’s great to see kids asking questions and thinking about what they’re learning,” Ms Fitzgerald said.

“Some of the questions they ask are amazing. The kids love it and greatly improve their reading and writing too,” she said.


Grace Aicken