Grace Seddon, left, and Kayley Crimmins are proud water heroes

More than 1800 children from 44 kindergartens across the region have been learning how to become a water hero thanks to education about water-saving behaviours and the importance of drinking tap water.

Strathfieldsaye Kindergarten teacher Sophie Hay said the kinder had appreciated the visit, with the children showing a lot of interest in how to use and save water.

“We were impressed with the session. The use of props and hands-on activities were presented at a level which they could understand, which was great,” Ms Hay said.

“We’re in full support of teaching kids how to stay healthy and the importance of drinking water. We encourage the children to be water heroes in our kinder setting and regularly discuss ways we can save and reuse water.”

Coliban Water’s Roslyn Wai said 74 water hero incursions had been delivered during 2019 to teach age-appropriate attitudes to water conservation, the water cycle and good oral hygiene.

“It’s really exciting to see our future generation take on board messages about water efficiency and the importance of water, which we hope will develop into life-long attitudes as they grow,” she said.

“It might be something as simple as remembering to turn off the tap when you brush your teeth, taking a four-minute shower or reusing unneeded water from the kitchen on the garden.

“Kids can become a water hero by trying out this behaviour at kinder, home and speaking to their family about why it’s important to save water.”

Ms Wai said drinking tap water also represents value for money.

“One litre of bottled water can cost $3, but for the same cost you can refill a one litre bottle from the tap, every day, for more than two and half years,” she said.