Opinion: STEVE KENDALL ,Bendigo Weekly Chief of Staff

What a pathetic pair. Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton hold high-powered positions in government, at the moment, and all they care about is hanging  on to their jobs. They have Buckley’s. In their desperation they are turning their historic loss in parliament this week...

Opinion – Steve Warrington CFA chief Officer

THE County Fire Authority is remembering and honouring everyone affected by the devastating 2009 Victorian bushfires which claimed the lives of 173 people and destroyed thousands of homes across the state. Yesterday was the anniversary, and this week is a very...

Opinion: Lisa Chesters MP

Over the weekend I attended a number of Australia Day events across Bendigo and there was one particular line in the Australian Citizenship Affirmation which stood out; “whose democratic beliefs I share”. Democracy is something most Australians have known their whole...

Dianne Dempsey: Back to school

This is the time of year when poor mums (and some dads) are confronted with articles about how to send their children to school all bright and shining with polished hubcaps.  The first admonition to parents will be to fill their lunch boxes with healthy, tasty items...


OUR story on page seven today reports on the closure of the RSPCA in Bendigo. This 20-year association with our local council is coming about because the two organisations could not come to an agreement on cost. While we know cost is an important thing, what about the...

DIANNE DEMPSEY: Olden days of summer

“Mum, mum, it’s hot,” was our constant refrain throughout the long hot days of summer. I’m talking olden days now, way, way back before slugs crawled out of the primeval stew of the seas. I’m talking the days when we were lucky if we had fans, hand-held fans. Mum’s...

OPINION: Dianne Dempsey

While the “Me Too” movement has been spurred by women who have decided enough is enough when it comes to sexual abuse and harassment, spare a thought for young girls and boys who are so much more vulnerable. If adults are intimidated, embarrassed or confused by the...

STEVE KENDALL: A different taste of Queensland

I HAD a real taste of Australia’s wonderful multiculturalism at the weekend, and it’s to be embraced. While right-wingers were making a fuss in Melbourne I was in sunny Queensland with my old mate Peter. Now I first met Peter in London in 1981, so we have known each...

OPINION: Jennifer Alden, Councillor for Lockwood Ward

In years gone by the ability to create change for the betterment of society was the objective of being involved in the party political process. Seen as a vehicle for developing policy to advance new ideas and solutions to society’s many problems, the political system...



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