Opinion: Steve Kendall, Bendigo Weekly chief of staff

IN an effort to stop dissent in the ranks, soldiers were told saluting an officer was not so much about the man as the rank, the uniform and the crown. So, even if you did not like the officer concerned, you still saluted. I don’t know where I dredged this up from,...

PK: Banking on change

LAST week’s interim findings of the Royal Commission into the Australian banking sector are a statement of the bleeding obvious. Frankly, it’s embarrassing to think the motherhood statement to emerge from all this is that banks put profits before people. Oh really?...

Opinion: Margaret O’Rourke, City of Greater Bendigo mayor

THE development of the Bendigo Gov Hub is a state government project that brings together a range of government services in one place, creating a one-stop-shop for customers. The state government is building Gov Hubs in Ballarat, the La Trobe Valley and Bendigo. In...

Opinion: Steve Gibbons, former Bendigo MP

The Australian National Audit Office recently released a report into the Australian Defence acquisition of light protected vehicles that includes the very successful Bendigo built Bushmaster and now Hawkei protected mobility vehicles. The objective of this audit was...

Opinion: Steve Kendall, Bendigo Weekly chief of staff

THERE is a lot of talk about equal quotas of women in parliament. While the Labor party is having ago, the Liberals seem to actively move against the idea. This might be me getting the wrong end of the message, but surely it should not be quota-based but merit-based,...

Opinion: Max Turner, CBD resident

The decision by VCAT to grant a permit for the Aspire project to proceed without on-site parking is disappointing to objectors. No on-site parking for at least staff is a major concern. It is pleasing that a third party appraisal validated all our points of objection....

Opinion: Margaret O’Rourke, City of Greater Bendigo mayor

Why do we have local laws? Last week council adopted new and amended local laws in an effort to keep people safe, make our communities better to live in, and protect buildings and the environment. Yes, they’re a regulatory tool that can be enforced by either the City...



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