OPINION: Margaret O’Rourke, City of Greater Bendigo mayor

The City of Greater Bendigo looks forward to Premier Daniel Andrews making good on his promises for our community following his recent re-election. The promises were indeed welcomed and the city is grateful for the Victorian government’s continued support, however our...

PK: Heading for a train wreck

LAST weekend’s state election result surprised many pundits, but the writing was always on the wall for the coalition and its ever diminishing number of supporters. A friend of mine who works within the machinations of government and is firmly to the left on most...

Messing with housemates

It was morning one, day one, of the new housemate in my uni residence, and he hadn’t set a good impression. The bathroom was a mess, the door had been slammed, and, having moved in late the night before, he didn’t even stop by to introduce himself, let alone apologise...

Opinion: Pat Horan, community advocate

Politicians assure us that crime in Victoria is so bad that extreme action is necessary. Is this true? The Victorian Crime Statistics Agency says the number of criminal incidents recorded by police in the year to March 31 was 380,150, down nearly nine per cent from...

Opinion: Dion Jelbart, cycling enthusiast

An open letter to Bicycle Network regarding its call for a review of laws that make it compulsory to wear a bicycle helmet when riding in Victoria. You will never understand how lives can be changed in the split second you choose not to wear your helmet. Your brain is...

Opinion: Margaret O’Rourke, mayor, City of Greater Bendigo

It’s been quite the week for council. We started by welcoming councillor-elect Malcolm Pethybridge to fill the vacancy in the Whipstick Ward, and today we officially open the fantastic new Gurri Wanyarra Wellbeing Centre in Kangaroo Flat. That’s the life of a...

Patients step out of pyjamas

Bendigo Health launched the #EndPJparalysis program with staff wearing pyjamas to work for the day on Monday. This project, based on an extremely successful social campaign which originated in the UK, encourages all hospital inpatients to get up, get dressed and get...

Opinion: Steve Kendall, Bendigo Weekly chief of staff

IN an effort to stop dissent in the ranks, soldiers were told saluting an officer was not so much about the man as the rank, the uniform and the crown. So, even if you did not like the officer concerned, you still saluted. I don’t know where I dredged this up from,...



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