Kick start the CBD

ONE EVERY now and then, the City of Greater Bendigo releases a draft plan or strategy that on first appearance, looks dull and boring, but scratch beneath the surface and it’s anything but. The draft Bendigo City Centre Plan released for public comment yesterday is...

MP pay rises under siege

SOMETIMES it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that despite what the rules might say, or the independent arbitrator declare, the rest of the community might think otherwise. Take for example this week’s ruling that the premier and his cabinet colleagues are all...

New start needed

ONE of the most shocking facts to emerge from the latest effort to have the basic Newstart allowance increased is the fact that the average person in the Bendigo electorate who receives the benefit is on it for a staggering three years. Three years. And that’s an...

Mayor’s opinion

Council’s budget is much like a household budget. We have limited funds and have to make hard decisions about where to invest ratepayer money, which makes up 59 per cent of the budget. At times, we borrow money so as to invest in new infrastructure. When we do, we’re...

Opinion – Friday, September 6, 2019

By Nicholas Nakos Senior Journalist As a sports aficionado, having broken the story of Jeff Horn’s Bendigo bout in the June 14 edition of the Weekly, I was excited for last Saturday’s highly anticipated Battle of Bendigo. The shock result in the ring took many by...

Teacher pay plus

Teaching is a most admirable profession, and one we ought to afford more status and respect. Without good teachers, we have only ourselves to blame for the standards our children achieve, and for what they learn. And what they learn is what they will ultimately pass...

Aspire still needed

ONE of the most ambitious and exciting projects unveiled in recent years took a significant tumble this week, but we hope it gets back up and running. The proposed $15 million Aspire Precinct was first announced almost five years ago. It was to include an interpretive...

Friday, August 30, 2019

LIKE many word, news and literature lovers from our city, I had the privilege of attending the Bendigo Writers Festival earlier this month, and again be inspired by the ideas and opinions of incredible speakers and presenters. From tackling the world’s political...


THE Weekly’s coverage of the perceived under-utilisation of the Bendigo Transit Network has struck a chord with readers like no other story of the past few years. Revelations more than two-thirds of our buses run at less than 25 per cent of their capacity according to...


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1993 - 1994
Faith Leech - Swimming
Bob McCaskill - Football
Don Sherman - Lawn Bowls

1994 - 1995
Bernice Boromeo - Lawn Bowls
Arthur Cambridge - Sculling
Greg Goodall - Yachting

1995 - 1996
Margaret Harrison - Croquet
David Kitt - Athletics
Allan Monaghan - Swimming

1996 - 1997
Jack Davey - Athletics
Des Duguid - Boxing
Kel Pell - Tennis

1997 - 1998
jack Trickey - Cycling

1999 - 1999
Alan McDonald - Football

1999 - 2000
Herb Hesse - Lawn Bowls / Cricket

2000 - 2001
Greg Williams - Football

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Betty Thompson - Netball

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Ken Wust - Cricket

2003 - 2004
Max Brisbane - Basketball
William 'Stumpy" Turner - Cricket

2004 - 2005
Ron Best - Football

2005 - 2006
John Turner - Cricket
Frank McCaig - Cycling
Colin Fitzgerald - Cycling

2006 - 2007
Glen Thurlow - Water Skiing
Kaye Thurlow - Water Skiing
Brain Cahill - Boxing

2007 - 2008
Len Prior - Golf
Alby Jack - Baseball

2008 - 2009
Sharelle McMahon - netball
Ann Howe - Golf

2009 - 2010
Robert Burns - Cycling
George Daniel - Horse Trainer

2010 - 2011
Kristi Harrower - Baskerball

2011 - 2012
Wayne Walsh - Cricket

2012 - 2013
Bill Fry - Boxing

2013 - 2014
Geoffrey Grenfell - Full Bore Rifle Shooting

2014 - 2015
Glenn Asby - Yachting

2015 - 2016
Judy Scarrott - Tennis

2016 - 2017
Neil Pollock - Cricket and Badminton Administration

2017 - 2018
Ashleigh Donaldson Basketball / Football

2018 - 2019
Ian Ross Lawn Bowls
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