Chesters secures defence coup

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 01-May-2015

JAPANESE Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Defence Kenji Harada has given Bendigo his seal of military manufacturing approval this week.

Mr Harada visited the Bendigo Thales factory on Thursday to explore the premises and see first-hand how the Bushmasters were made.

Member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters invited Mr Harada to visit the city after she jetted to Japan in March.

“Defence manufacturing in Bendigo certainly has a proud history and, we hope, a promising and successful future,” she said.

The Japanese Ministry of Defence purchased Bushmaster vehicles for deployment with the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force.


The vehicles and all troop carrier variants, are manufactured right here in Bendigo.

“The Bushmaster is an outstanding vehicle with a proven track record of saving troops’ lives,” Ms Chesters said.

“Japan takes its role as a peacekeeper very seriously. These efforts are based on the belief that Japan, as a ‘Proactive Contributor to Peace’, has an active role to play in ensuring the peace and stability of the region and the international community.

“Peace-keeping operations can often be dangerous and Japan, like Australia, needs to ensure personnel can be moved to safety as quickly as possible if the need arises.”


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