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Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 13-Sep-2013

LIGHTWORKS: You can be a visual DJ.
One of the most outstanding pieces in the Experimenta Speak to Me exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery is Katie Turnbull’s Modern Vanitas.
Like all good art it operates on several layers. First call would be to describe it as an animated sculpture which consists of three turntables. The viewer is invited to play DJ and start moving the turntables in order to create a variety of images. The overhead movie camera can also be operated by the viewer in order to create various images.
Experimenta director Jen Mizuik says that Modern Vanitas enables the viewer to be in effect a visual DJ. She also says the images are symbols of life, death, time, globalisation, digital technology and communications.
“We were very excited to commission Katie’s work for Experimenta this year,” she said. “She is not that long out of art school, is doing extremely well and will be going to New York soon to work. She is typical of what we are trying to do in taking up young artists and fostering their careers.”
Another work is Ian Burns’ Anywhere and Here. A live video and sculptural installation, the piece challenges the viewer to stand still and deconstruct the combination of a wheel, a trolly, electronics and other extraneous objects.
“There are many interactive pieces in the exhibition and children as well as adults will enjoy the various exhibits,” Mizuik said.
The work of 11 artists includes kinetic sculpture, film, animation and digital video. This is the 5th International Biennial of Media art and will be part of a national tour.  
Designed to disconnect you from the mothership and challenge your perceptions, Experimenta Speak to Me is free and runs until October 13.
For further information visit www.experimenta.org and www,bendigoartgallery.com.au.                   - Dianne Dempsey


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