Harp at heart

Steve Kendall | Bendigo Weekly | 19-Sep-2013

ALANA CONWAY still calls Bendigo home.

Despite heading off to the wide world of music, she is very pleased to be playing Bendigo on October 12 as part of her debut album tour.

Harpist and singer Alana has been signed to ABC Music for at least two albums, the first of which is officially launched in Melbourne tomorrow.

It’s already hit number two in the classical arias charts ahead of release, so a top spot is a whisk away.

“Recording is really hard,” Alana said of the process.

“I have not recorded before, and I found it quite stressful.”

“We were able to record bits at a time, but we tried to record each song as a whole.”

Alana said the harp had to be tuned between each song for different keys.

“You do get used to it.”

Alana’s new harp was made in Malmsbury by her instructor, Andy Rigby.

“I can still transport it in the car,” Alana said of the joys of carrying such a large instrument.

The first album is made up of favourites, such as Fields of Gold, but Alana said she will add some new styles in future albums.

“I am interested in jazz and folk, and the harp translates well to those styles,” she said.

An international career beckons, and Alana has set her sights on travel.

“I do want my music to be international,” she said.

“I love Australia, but I want to take my music to Britain and Ireland.

“I have been working for so long towards this, I want my life to be about music.”

Alana Conway plays the Capital Theatre, Bendigo on October 12 and launches the album at the Princes Theatre, Melbourne tomorrow night.          


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