Illy in Bendigo

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 10-Sep-2014

Illy at La Trobe University in Bendigo. Photo: CASS FULLER




It was the two drunk girls in the cubicle beside me that made me realise I was a little out of place.

Clearly sitting on the ground, one of the girl’s feet was creeping under the cubicle wall, almost touching my feet as I was doing my thing.

“I can see four of you”, she was saying to her friend, “oh my god what are you talking about”, the other girl replied, and all I could think was “please don’t vomit, I don’t want spew on my feet”.

Being sober in a room full of drunk people has the tendency to make you think, am I like that when I’m drunk? No way, surely not.

Oh god, I am, better have at least one drink, or two, definitely no more than two.

Strutting out of the bathroom with my friend, taking it all in, I felt like I was at my Year 8 school social.

This time however, I could legally drink alcohol.

The student union was buzzing with the smooth vibes flowing between the sea of flat caps and midriff tops, should have worn a tank top.

The feel in the room was chilled and relaxed, everyone looked to be enjoying the beats and the conversations with their friends.

Illy took to the stage, and like a room full of robots, everyone bounced in a timely fashion, left hand going up and down in sync with the crowd.

My small five foot one frame doesn’t allow my left arm to reach as high as everyone else’s, which suited me fine, I was getting down in my own little way, pun intended.

Every now and then the tall guys in front of me would move and I would get a glimpse of the rapper himself, and oh my, what a spunk, hello.

Playing a host of songs, I was mesmerized by tracks from his first album, Long Story Short, to his latest album latest album Cinematic.

I broke it down to the sound of his addictive beats while singing along to his soulful, real, and sometimes nasty (in a good way) lyrics.

The lights came on at 10.30pm and everyone was hurried out by security, there’s that school social feel again, must the night end now?, I’m not ready to go home.


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