Jacqui Lambie heads to Bendigo

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 25-Jan-2018

Jacquie Lambie

When Jacqui Lambie asked her father about her citizenship status to see if she would be ruled ineligible for the Senate, he replied, “Yes sweetie, you’re gone.”

But even though the feisty Senator from Tasmania resigned on an emotional day in Parliament in November 2017, it was clear, as she told an interviewer, “You can’t keep a bloody Lambie down.”

Lambie was, at the time, completing her autobiography, Rebel with a Cause, which will be released in March. 

Her resignation altered the ending of her book, but not her resolve.

The former army officer joined the Palmer United Party and was elected to the Senate in 2013. She resigned from PUP in November 2014, to sit in the Senate as an independent, and in May 2015, she formed the Jacqui Lambie Network.

Re-elected to the Senate in 2016, her resignation was forced by the revelation her father had not checked his status as a Scottish-born citizen. He had believed Lambie to be as “Australian as they bloody come”.

The autobiography, to be published by Allen and Unwin, only talks about politics in passing and in the final chapter.

It documents her battle to receive compensation for a back injury she sustained working for the Army, and her struggle to raise children alone, as well as her son’s ice addiction, which led to her commitment to efficient and compassionate welfare systems.

According to the publisher, the book is unlike any political memoir yet published in Australia.

“The subject matter is real and sometimes raw, but Jacqui handles it with humour, honesty and dignity.”

Bendigo Writers Festival’s Bookmark Series is hosting Jacqui Lambie at the Banquet Room of The Capital at 3pm on Sunday March 4. 

Tickets $8, available at the Box Office, 5434 6100 and online via www.thecapital.com.au


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