Leave, me alone

Steve Kendall | Bendigo Weekly | 08-Feb-2018


There is something very special about annual leave when you are not rushing about.

I am off for a couple of weeks, and there is a trip involved, but for the first week I am catching up on things.

During the year I have to cram things into the weekends, like we all do, and I have purposely left the week free… ish.

The long suffering Mrs Kendall was ill on Monday, so she stayed away from work.

Bang goes that for a rest day. Mrs K likes tea by the bucketload, sick or not, so the best part of the day was sorting out her liquid whims.

I quite liked having her around, but I ended up like Mr Carson from Downton Abbey. He’s a butler by the way.

All dawned well on Tuesday and Mrs K went back to work. Just as I was settling in for a rest, I remembered the doctor’s appointment.

I had a barrage of texts and emails reminding me, but I had forgotten. 

Luckily I remembered just in time, what’s more I had not had breakfast so they could take blood if they needed to.

You never know with GPs, they take great delight in sending you off for a bleeding on a whim.

I parked outside the clinic just in time to do my regular stint on ABC Central Victoria, nearly forgot that too, and by 9am I was free to see the GP.

I was there for a review and spent 90 minutes with various staff members while they told me what I needed to do, what I had done wrong, and how I could make it all better.

There is no real need to go to the clinic for this, Mrs K does much the same at home.

I escaped without blood letting and did various jobs around town I have been allocated by Mrs K. 

By the time I got home I was ready for my breakfast/lunch and thought now is the time to get some feet up time.

Then I remembered I had to vacuum. Not my favourite task, but I make most of the mess so I am told, so I got stuck in.

By 3pm all was well, and I switched on Netflix for the real start of my holiday at home.

I had to make the most of it though.

Mrs K has got Wednesday off, and the list is already growing on the whiteboard.

Wish me luck, at least I have the dentist to look forward to on Friday.


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