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Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 26-Oct-2017


Nothing projected

The article on the council’s pay toilet plan, Bendigo Weekly, October 20, and Ian Glanville’s cartoon which portrayed the Hargreaves Mall toilet reminded me of something else that we have already paid for. 

In this case even though we have paid for the two massive screens, nothing has been projected on said screens. 

Surely after spending hundreds of thousands of ratepayers money on these, you would think the council would be using them constantly for festivals, tourist info, general entertainment, even self-promotion.

However, they remain inert after all these years since construction – what is going on here? Obviously nothing apart from more waste.

Stuart Symonds,


Effects evident

In her letter, Bendigo Weekly, October 20, Julie Hopper identified the best emotional environment for raising children, conditions which I presume that we would all endorse.

However, my reason for urging caution in my letter of October 13 regarding children in same-sex marriage relationships is due to other considerations.

The history of government intervention by legislation to address an issue is replete with regrettable unforeseen effects, for example with the one-child policy in China, and with the federal “emergency response” in Aboriginal communities. 

These effects became evident in the form of serious social and/or legal concerns as the processes unfolded.

Brian Stanmore,  


The slippery slope

Despite all the warnings from wiser heads than most of those in the Victorian Legislative Assembly, this week a travesty, a terrible mistake, was made.

The AMA, palliative care specialists, ethicists, journalists, constituents and even former Prime Ministers tried to dissuade MPs from passing the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 through the Lower House.

How can our local members feel proud to be part of this move to deprive vulnerable humans of their dignity; of creating a class of people who would be better off dead

Sanctioned killing and assisted suicide is something that should never be allowed or encouraged.

Are these lawmakers naive or just wilfully ignorant of the very real “slippery slope”?

Paul Keating wrote a very insightful article earlier in the week, but apparently not too many in Daniel Andrew’s government bothered to read it or heed the warnings.

One can only hope that the Upper House members stop this state-sanctioned killing before it becomes law.

Victoria needs more funding for palliative care; that’s real compassion, and something that Matthew Guy has promised post 2018 state election.

Helen Leach,


No room for expansion

We all know the saying there’s an elephant in the room well in relation to Japan it can be said that there’s an emperor on the throne.

The return of Prime Minister Sato in the weekend elections only establishes that Japan, like China, is a one party state so any attempt to portray the victory as an endorsement of constitutional change is bogus.

The Imperial family were active in the conduct of aggression against China and the United States of America in that it was a Prince who declared independence for the Philippines, prior to the landing at Leyte.In the mid 1890s the United States of America and Japan entered into  a secret alliance whereby America would not object to the Japanese invasion of Korea in return for Japan accepting American rule in the Philippines.  

This was done in the name of the Emperor.  

There is no basis for international recognition of militarist expansion in Japan.

Mick Sandiford,



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