Looking ahead

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 17-Jun-2016

Students chat to Bendigo Pioneers coach Brett Henderson.

GRADE six students from seven Catholic schools across the Bendigo region took part in a leadership day on Friday. 

The forum held at Catholic College Bendigo challenged students to develop a greater leadership role both at school and in life.

Three hundred students from St Peter’s, St Kilian’s, St Monica’s, Holy Rosary, St Therese’s, St Liborius and St Francis of the Fields primary schools took part at the Marian Centre at Catholic College Bendigo.

The leadership program is designed to provide grade six students with the necessary skills to become school leaders. 

The leadership day explored the areas of sustainability, social justice, faith, peer support and more.

Presenter Ian McBurney is a self-confessed ecological sustainability practitioner who has inspired tens of thousands in business, manufacturing, government, schools and communities to move towards a better environmental future. 

“I believe passionately that at this time in history when every natural system is in decline, it is people and therefore culture change that will give us a sustainable society,” Mr McBurney said.

The event gave students the opportunity to look ahead to their secondary school journey, and to be more confident in making the transition from primary to secondary school.


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