Molly in the mud

Steve Kendall | Bendigo Weekly | 24-Aug-2017


LAST year I managed to bog the ute and trailer in the paddock.

I unhitched the trailer and managed to pull the ute out with the tractor.

The trailer stayed there for a few weeks until it was dry enough to remove.

Trouble was, the new lambs had eaten a lot of the wiring.

Which reminds me, I have yet to repair the rego plate light.

Anyway, this was a distant memory until the long-suffering Mrs Kendall came in on Saturday and reported the ute was bogged again.

We had bought better tyres since last year, but she was well and truly in the bog.

Since last year a new tractor has moved in, Molly, so off we went to rescue the ute.

Of course I was careful, but as I got closer the tractor started to slosh in the ground. I had broken the crust of earth and was in the mud.

My first thought, the wrong one, was to reverse, which I did. 

This well and truly messed things up and Molly’s wheels started producing mud rather than traction.

Before long she was tyre deep and bogged too.

I was out of options, as I didn’t think the VW Golf would be much use, or the quad bike come to think of it.

I tried bits of wood and carpet under the ute, every combination of gearing, but to no avail.

I admitted defeat and called John the neighbouring farmer.

I told him my tale, and he said “why didn’t you bog the mower and quad bike for good measure?”

Nevertheless he offered to come out with his tractor and chains.

Of course my new fear was he would bog himself in.

With care we tackled the ute, and it was eventually freed from its sucking muddy trap.

With a few skids and skips it ended up on drier ground and free.

Next came Molly, but she was really bogged, and John did his best until I stalled Molly and John’s tractor wheels started spinning.

Close to bogging, we unhooked and he drove his tractor to safety.

The ute had a pressure hose clean up and was put back in the shed, but at the moment Molly is stuck out in the middle of the front paddock, not only bogged but there for all to see.

She looks very forlorn with her bucket low and dejected and her wheels covered in mud and down in the dumps.

I hope I can get her out at some point, hopefully before spring, as the next problem will be cracking concrete-hard dirt...

– Steve Kendall


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