Painting the Gossans

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 13-Sep-2013


Cache: Pauline Mathrick, 2013, oil and ink on polyester.
Bendigo artist Pauline Mathrick’s exhibition opened at the La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre on Wednesday.
Curiously titled The Gossans, Mathrick explores the nature of local landscape through exposed quartz outcrops and reefs.
While many of these geological features have been unchanged for millennia, others have been revealed by human intervention through early mining and quarrying.
The term “gossan”, which comes from an old Cornish word for blood, was used to describe the rusty red colours of iron-bearing ore deposits and it is this colouring that is central to Mathrick’s images.
Working in mixed media on polyester, she explores both the solid, impermeable nature of the rock as well the fluidity of movement contained within.
The notion of subterraneaåçn liquidity operates as a theme throughout her work as it characterises the delicacy of line in her drawing and the organic nature of stone. It is this contradiction that Mathrick said “entices us into its depths”.
While the landscape is the starting point for her work Mathrick investigates the unknown and unseen rather than the visible.
There is almost the expression of the tip of the iceberg with the recognition of what appears on the surface while also being unconsciously aware of the invisible
mass beneath. This push and pull behind her drawings adds impetus to the blood-like pulsing in her images.
Mathrick completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts Honours at La Trobe University in 2003.
She has exhibited extensively since the early 1980s in solo and group exhibitions with work in numerous private and public collections.
The Gossans will be officially launched on Thursday, September 19 from 6pm to 8pm by Lynda Newton, Arts and Cultural Services Australia director. The exhibition runs until October 6.


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