Psychos in at cosmic speed

Simon Wooldridge | Bendigo Weekly | 22-Apr-2016

Ross Knight doesn’t so much as play the bass guitar as wield it. And in wielding it he looks like a man ready to set about a medium-sized farm animal with a chainsaw.

Cosmic Psychos are not your average punk, rock or punk rock band. 

And they’re back in Bendigo, practically a home-town gig, tomorrow, Saturday, April 23 at the Golden Vine. A noisy, fun and possibly messy night is sure to unfold.

Cosmic Psychos have been knocking around, causing general unrest, since the early 1980s. And like many of their peers have experienced the ups and downs of the rock n roll life: line-up changes, band member fall-outs, general carnage and a sudden death included.

Often described as “yobbo” rock they are in fact a major influence on the grunge scene that burst out of Seattle at the turn of the 1990s. 

The 2013 Cosmic Psychos documentary, Blokes You Can Trust, features interviews with no less than Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam and members of Mudhoney and L7 attesting to the influence of this most Australian of musical exports.

It was several years between albums before their latest, Cum The Raw Prawn was unleashed on a not-totally unsuspecting public mid last year. 

The album proudly contains around 250 expletives and came with a beer mat.  

If you don’t already know the Cosmic Psychos, you’re starting to get the picture. Adele fans would be advised to probably stay at home.

Yobbo rock references to one side though, Cosmic Psychos are a talented, original and highly influential rock band; witty lyrics to boot. 

Eugene Butcher, editor of cult music magazine Vive Le Rock, put Cum The Raw Prawn at the top of his 2015 albums of the year list. 

Bands like Cosmic Psychos don’t play in Bendigo that often – this is just their second time in 10 years.

If punk, rock, punk road or grunge is your kind of thing seeing Cosmic Psychos live amounts to an education… of sorts. And definitely a fun one.

Groovin the Moo:

DZ Deathrays make a welcome return to Groovin the Moo after a three year gap. 

The Bundaberg dance-punk duo, Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley, have won over legions of fans with their regular touring in recent years – across 15 countries. 

Their debut album, Bloodstreams, won the Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album award at the 2012 ARIAs. Their second album, Black Rat, was released in 2014. 

The DZ Deathrays set this year promises to be a Groovin’ The Moo highlight.

 – Simon Wooldridge


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