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Simon Wooldridge | Bendigo Weekly | 23-Nov-2017

Alanna and Alicia

Tomorrow night, Saturday, sees a welcome return to Bendigo for folk-roots songstresses Alanna and Alicia.

The twin sisters, now based in Melbourne, launch new album, Songs I’m Singing With Me, at The Old Church on the Hill. 

They’ll be joined by special guest, Enda Kenny – playing his first Bendigo gig.

The album, their fourth, is a tribute to acclaimed singer-songwriter John Beavis. 

Beavis was a major influence on the sisters as they grew up, honing their own song writing skills. 

His battle with mental illness saw his musical career cut short. 

Songs I’m Singing With Me sees Alanna and Alicia Egan bring Beavis’s songs to life once again. 

Older audiences will get re-acquainted with Beavis’s work, with newer audiences discovering his songs for the first time.

The album includes Beavis favourites Time Was, Love’s Fools, Bird in the Hand, and Fly Like a Bird. Enda Kenny joins the sisters on The Maritime.

The Egan sisters have been listening to Beavis since they were three years old.

“Our mission with this new project is to get these songs back out there,” they said in a short documentary they made about the album.

Songs I’m Singing with Me has been well received by folk audiences across Australia – most recently at Maldon, and earlier this year at the National Folk Festival in Canberra.

Beavis himself is effusive. “Quite simply amazing,” he said of the sisters’ interpretation of his work in the documentary.

Despite their relatively tender years, Alanna and Alicia have established themselves on the Australian folk scene since releasing debut album Funny She’s So Much Like Me in 2006. 

Their live shows have a rootsy, sometimes jazzy element. They also inject a little quirky humour into their gigs.

Alanna and Alicia play at The Old Church on the Hill tomorrow night, Saturday, November, 25. The show starts at 8pm. Admission is $20.

For those with musical tastes at the heavier end of the scale – more specifically good old-fashioned, hard-driving Aussie rock (think AC/DC, Rose Tattoo) – tomorrow night in Bendigo leaves you spoilt for choice. If you’re organised though, you can get to see both The Flannos, and Sheeza Goer play at the Golden Square Hotel and MusicMan respectively.

The Flannos – their name comes from the flannelette shirts adorned by their lively tradie-blokey-bikie audiences – launch their self-titled debut EP. 

It features three self-penned numbers: Silver City Saga, Southern Blues, and Billy, Angel and Danny. 

Formed in 2015, the bluesy pub-rock outfit perform a mix of originals and classic rock covers. The Flannos play at the Golden Square Hotel, tomorrow Saturday, November, 25. It kicks off at 6pm.

Across town later tomorrow, Sheeza Goer form part of a multi-band line-up at MusicMan. 

The hard-rocking trio will be showcasing tracks from their own forthcoming EP, Helldiver, due in 2018. 

The five-track release includes Night Fighters, Heading North and Things Are Looking Up. 

“Looking forward to giving the new songs a bit of a go,” front man Rohan Eckardt said.

The Flannos and Sheeza Goer both fly the flag for good old-fashioned Aussie rock. Their shows are energetic, and lots of fun.

– Simon Wooldridge

Twitter: @spwooldridge


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