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Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 11-Mar-2016


STUDENTS at Winters Flat Primary School have been rewarded for their efforts to make their school a far healthier one.

The school’s submission to the 2016 Bendigo Health-backed Healthy Schools Awards was judged the best from an impressive field of more than one dozen

The students’ accompanying statement detailed how they had elected their own health leaders to promote healthy lifestyle choices, good eating habits and active participation in sports within the school

“At Winters Flat PS we are so, so, so healthy. How did we achieve this? We signed up for the Achievement Program and have a Healthy Eating and Oral Health Policy as part of this program. This means we no longer sell ice creams, which all the kids loved,” the application read. 

“We also stopped selling lollies at our Christmas Fair, including Guess the Lollies in the Jar, an all-time favourite. We also stopped having any unhealthy foods or drinks for our lunch orders. This has to make us the healthiest school in the universe.”

Such dramatic changes were complemented by a more healthy focus on initiatives such as the popular Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, which teaches students how to grow and cook healthy foods. 

The students now make healthy salads full of greens, using skills from school to teach their families to eat healthy and think healthy. 

The students noted that they all enjoy eating the healthy meals they make.

Winters Flat Primary School also has “nude food” policy, which means students only bring food without packaging to school. 

“This reduces waste and encourages us to make healthy food choices. As Health Leaders we set an example for other students and promote nude food with verbal and scribed messages across the school,” the students said.

They also said a key part of being healthy was being physically active. 

The school organises a range of sports to help all kids be fit and healthy. 

Students also participate in the Bluearth program, PE and inter-school sports such as cross-country and netball. 

At lunchtimes students ride their bikes on the school’s bike track or play basketball or soccer. 

The school’s health leaders organise the house sports day and cross-country race.

The Healthy Schools awards program was established by the Bendigo Sports Star Foundation with the generous support of Bendigo Health to promote and encourage healthy foods and better lifestyle choices among the region’s younger generation.


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