Survey reveals NBN pain

Steve Kendall | Bendigo Weekly | 19-Jan-2018

Lisa Chesters with some of the NBN postal survey responses.

OVERWHELMED is how federal MP Lisa Chesters describes the result of her customer survey on the NBN, and she’s hitting out a government plan to limit a system upgrade.

The online and postal questionnaire has drawn more than 4000 responses, and shown some clear trends, with most complaints focusing on slow speeds, installation problems, and persistent dropout of service.

Customers have also had problems with loss of phone service as an added problem of lost NBN.

“It’s my biggest response to a survey,” Ms Chesters said.

“Distance to the node seems to be a big issue, people are OK if they are close to it, otherwise there are problems.”

On the back of this result, Ms Chesters has condemned the government’s decision on Tuesday to refuse the upgrade of the NBN rollout across the Bendigo region to the superior fibre to the premises or fibre to the curb technology.

“This is terrible news for the majority of Bendigo and central Victorian households and businesses who only have access to fibre to the node technology,” Ms Chesters said.

FTTN connection uses fibre to the nearest neighbourhood node and then uses copper wire for the rest of the journey to consumer premises.

Consumers who have fibre to their premises, fibre to their building or fibre running down their street to the kerb are expected to be able to utilise the top speed plans.

“This week’s NBNCo admission that three in four FTTN customers won’t get top speeds is not a surprise to central Victorian households and businesses,” she said.

“Thousands of Bendigo electorate constituents responded to my NBN and internet survey outlining their frustration with slow, unreliable internet.

“Many constituents and business owners have complained that the further they are from the node the slower and more unreliable the internet speed. Many are also saying that the NBN is slower than their former ADSL service.”


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