Tim Guy's wanderlust

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 19-Apr-2012 11.15am

Music has taken Tim Guy across the globe.

Tim Guy’s light-hearted brand of roots-based pop and inspired instrumentation has established him as a live favourite on stages throughout the many places he has called home (Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Spain) in a career spanning  nearly 20 years. 

In support of his fourth CD, Tim and band will be playing the Palais Theatre in Hepburn Springs this coming Saturday (April 21).

In a recent conversation I began by asking Tim about the initial spark that set him on a musical path.

“That’s a good question Mick, hard to answer because there’s always moments, but a strong one would be in the early stages of high school, harmonizing with my buddies to Beatles tunes after school,” he says.

So where does the wanderlust come from? You’ve travelled a lot in life. How does this scene change inflect in your music?

“We moved around a lot when I was at school, it’s been a natural thing for me to do,” he says. 

“Maybe moving around gives a clearer perspective of the immediate past which can be good for working on music and songs, it helps to box time away, neatly into a little package.”

What is it that inspires you to write? Is it a natural process for you?

“It’s a pretty cool thing to spend your time doing,” he says. 

“I think it’s really fun, and it’s a serious thing as well, which is a great combination. 

“Gosh man, lots of great, great songs have been plucked out of thin air by the greats, but I reckon every person disciplines themselves to make it a natural process… just part of everyday living.”

So what can audiences expect from your performance?

“If I was going to see the show, it's one where I’d wanna sit down with my close buddy and let it float over me,” he says.

Are you familiar with the Hepburn Springs’ Palais?

“Yeah, I am. I was in town a few years back staying with friends when Tim Freedman did a show there, a bunch of us spent a good few hours under the Palais roof,” he says.

So do you have anything special in store for the Palais audience?

“I know the band are really looking forward to the show, it’s the first time to the Palais for each of them, so that’s always nice,” he says. 

“There’s four albums worth of material now, so the music is sitting just right. 

“We have just released a vinyl pressing of two new songs which is special, and something, that for me, hasn’t come before. 

“Come have dinner with us, we’ll make it the start of something new!”

Tim Guy and his band play the Palais Theatre in Hepburn Springs Saturday, April 21 from 8:30pm. Tickets are $15 plus booking fee.


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