Trick for a treat

Steve Kendall | Bendigo Weekly | 09-Nov-2017


I  have two dogs.

Well actually I have a dog and a pug.

What’s more the pug has only one eye, but the long-suffering Mrs Kendall did such a good job with the surgery, he looks like he is resting one eye.

He puts that good eye to very good use as you can imagine, mostly when he is hunting for food, which is always.

I have recently noticed his most cunning, food related, plan.

Zip the kelpie has taken to barking at passing cars, which is not my favourite thing, but Mrs K has encouraged it.

The road is just short of 300 metres from the house yard and once he gets wind of a car he barks and races off down the drive.

The main problem with this is Zip, with his two eyes, does not have very good eyesight.

Trust me, this is leading somewhere.

Enter into the equation bones. Like many dog owners we will buy a massive bone from the butcher and watch the dogs work at getting to the marrow.

As we have two dogs they get one each, but Zip always wants to own them both.

It’s the only time he really growls at Pug and means it.

Most of the time they rough and tumble around and have play fights, but when the bone is in sight it all gets very serious.

So Zip’s main ploy is to grab both bones and guard them while he is chewing, Pug’s main aim is to grab one of the bones when Zip is not looking.

It’s very amusing to watch, and with size against him, Pug has to resort to trickery.

We generally sit drinking tea in the morning, watching their antics through the window, and it’s better than many a TV show.

Pug’s new trick is to stand near Zip, who is guarding his bones, and look down the drive.

He paces and growls until Zip thinks there is a car on the way.

Zip can’t see or hear the car, but believes one must be coming because Pug is making such a fuss. 

When the pressure gets too much for him, Zip races off like horses out of the gate at the cup and heads off down the drive barking his head off.

The fact that there is no car does not appear to worry him until eventually he realises it’s a false alarm.

By the time Zip gets back, Pug has gone into hiding... and as you’ve already guessed, one of the bones has gone with him.

 – Steve Kendall
twitter: @stevekendall1


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