How was your Christmas and New Year?

I have asked now, so I can tell you about mine.

It started in fine form with the usual frivolities, but I think I came to grief at an early Christmas lunch. The long-suffering Mrs Kendall diagnosed food poisoning of some kind.

Three days later my head was spinning and we still had the last edition of the paper to put out.

Trooper that I am I pushed on, but went home to bed.

Next day, Thursday, was the work’s Christmas lunch, so I had to be better for that.

I really wanted to go, and perhaps pushed aside my general feeling of illness, but I could only contain it so far.

I actually started a few beers but ended up leaving them – unheard of. I ate my lunch, and part of colleague Katie’s fish so I still had an appetite. But that waned as the afternoon wore on.

Come 5pm and I went back to my hotel (always when drinking, or in this case ill).

What was lined up as a big day out crumbled into a very early night, in bed by 5.30pm.

I won’t go into detail, but I had a rough night, and just wanted to be home in my own bed.

I left the next day, ignoring the included hotel breakfast and drove home to the sunny south, and back to bed.

Though it may sound restful, it wasn’t and Christmas weekend was looming and I had a guest arriving.

Time to perk up.

Then the unthinkable happened. Mrs K seemed to be sharing my ailment, either that or the lunchtime mussels bit back.

Off to bed she went. Obviously it was the female version of the illness, so much milder. So after a day in bed she dragged herself out of bed and sat in front of the TV.

By this time our house guest had arrived, I was weak and feeble, and Mrs K was in a similar state, so our guest ran the place, kept us fed and watered and very kindly looked after us.

On Christmas Day we sat and watched the TV, and managed to binge watch The Crown.

This was a major education for me, as it’s all about the royal family, queenie and co, and so many things went on I had no idea about.

It was perfect viewing for a weakened Steve, and I spent a similar Boxing Day.

Like so many people, I had planned another health kick for the new year, but with the illness I already had a head start on eating little and drinking no alcohol.

So as 2018 kicks off, at least some good has come from the enforced rest, and I will continue the year beer free. Ha.

– Steve Kendall
twitter: stevekendall1