Raymond Lee. Photo: Andrew Perryman

LOCAL martial arts teacher Raymond Lee has been honoured for his remarkable achievements at a recent awards ceremony in the Unites States.

Mr Lee has been practicing various forms of martial arts for several decades and has trained under some of the most highly respected figures in the industry.

His years of dedication and achievement has seen him recently honoured with several significant awards from the Action Martial Arts Hall of Honours.

Mr Lee was inducted into the Hall of Honours, as well as being names master of the year and recognised for excellence in teaching martial arts. He is the first master from Australia to make the hall of honours.

Mr Lee has over 20 years in martial arts in both Wu-Shu and Tai-Chi, having achieved fifth duan in both disciplines and is certified by the Chinese government.

He has also competed on the world stage in various competitions along the way.

Aside from the competitive element, Mr Lee also aims to combine it with physical therapy to help people improve their health through his business, Welby Holistic Healing.

Among the disciplines he teaches and wu-shu and tai-chi, but also kung-fu, qigong and yoga, with people of various ages.

β€œThese awards are dedicated to all of my students and my clients for giving me the privilege and opportunity to teach you and most importantly learn from you,” he said.

Next stop will be Malaysia, where he will attend the World Martial Arts Black Belt Hall of Fame Awards in September.