Roz Avent

Wearing a splash of red, Castlemaine artist Roz Avent stands strikingly juxtaposed in front of her charcoal artwork.

Roz’s latest exhibition is part of the biennial Arts Open which will be running over the next two weekends.

“Working as an artist can be a lonely business,” Roz said.

“That’s one of the reasons I enjoy the opening up my studio.

“It’s really interesting to listen to visitors’ comments about my work.

“Often these interpretations are something I haven’t thought of myself.

“Sometimes too, I find myself expressing the ideas behind my work in a clearer and more defined way.”

Her latest exhibition is inspired by sculpture from ancient times which she visually connects to the local landscape.

“By placing ancient sculptures with rocks and the landscape I’m aiming to reveal how time and the elements work to shape both what we now see and artefacts from the past,” she said.

“Perhaps there is hope, too, that in the end we will not be entirely forgotten.”

As well as meeting visitors Roz also enjoys the interaction with the many other artists involved in the Arts Open program.

“There are opportunities for us to catch up and see each other’s work, which is obviously stimulating,” Roz said.

That there are many artists living and practising in the goldfields region is evidenced by the fact that there are more than 100 artists participating in Arts Open and more than 40 venues.

Such is the proliferation of artists that Newstead has its very own Newstead Open Studios Art Trail.

Chloe Neath, who has a studio on the Newstead Road in Sandon, is another charcoal drawing artist who creates realistic portraits, sometimes adding gold leaf.

Another exhibition to look for is the Studio Paradiso Group Show to be held at the Newstead Railway Arts Hub.

Arts Open runs both this and next weekend.

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