Kimberley Wilkinson, Melissa Neal and Lindsey Myers. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

Bendigo Tech School is Bendigo’s high tech education hub, where students and industry collaborate to solve real world problems.
Bendigo Tech School director Graeme Wiggins said tech schools can show young women the many opportunities available to them in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.
Recent research in Australia and overseas indicates that only three per cent of girls thought of technology as a first career choice.
“This week the Bendigo Tech School hosted workshops with local industry and schools to co-design education programming,” Mr Wiggins said.
“Tech Schools have a strong entrepreneurial focus, preparing students of today for the jobs of tomorrow.”
Builder Kimberley Wilkinson grew up in the construction industry her Dad worked in.
“I always wanted to be an architect, but when I got into construction at University I loved the practical side,” she said.
Now as the project director of the Bendigo Campus Transformation Project at La Trobe University she continues to mentor young women in construction.
“It is important for young women to get strong industry connections and explore possible career paths,” Ms Wilkinson said.
Attending a secondary school in Melbourne with an agricultural program, was agribusiness and community development consultant Melissa Neil’s first step towards her career in agricultural
“At first my career was really technical. Now my focus is on agribusiness and rural communities and how people can use and access technology most suited to them and the problems they want to solve,” she said.
“Never stop learning” is interactive designer Lindsay Myers advice to young women at school.
“When I completed school I studied visual art, it was a natural transition to go digital,” she said.
Working in a digital agency she was confined to web development, and decided to establish a partnership in her own agency, Switched.
“If you are not working on your key skills you lose them quickly,” she said.
“My passion is game development and virtual
To find out more opportunities for women, find the Bendigo Tech School at facebook/bendigotechschool and Instagram @bendigotechschool