Principal puzzle

The report of BSE principal still on long leave (Bendigo Weekly, March 9) highlights the bizarre nature of this saga.
The Department of Education and Training’s treatment of the school community and of Ernie Fleming in not resolving this saga of being in limbo and not reinstating Mr Fleming continues the disrespect and a lack of justice in a fair and timely manner.
If Mr Fleming isn’t being re-instated to his position, why not?
Unless there has been a clear and thoroughly substantiated case of misconduct, Mr Fleming should be reinstated.
The public and the school community deserve to know why this has happened in the first place! If DET can treat a respected and hard working principal like this, what does it say about how DET as the provider of educational guidance and services in our region is likely to treat an individual, a family or lower level teacher or administration staff that may be challenged by a similarly difficult or contentious issue.
The public deserves better transparency from our government departments.

Laurie Whelan,


A bit harsh

Ivan Kitt, (Bendigo Weekly, March 9) questions whether the leader of the opposition remembers that it was the Kennett government that privatised the trains and trams in Victoria, we still have a functioning public transport system so I think Ivan’s claim the Kennett government dismantled it is a little harsh.
Perhaps Ivan can remember pictures of the trams backed up in Elizabeth Street, a result of attempts by a dysfunctional ALP government to modernise a public transport system stuck in 1950s.
In doing so creating the economic basket case that Victoria became, requiring a government with strong and divisive leadership to rectify.
Could someone remind Ivan which government it was that ripped up a perfectly good section of railway track for no viable reason, an act of vandalism that has prevented further improvements of service and reliability on the Bendigo line?
That same government also wasted billions of taxpayers’ dollars in attempting to create an automated ticketing system when many systems with a proven record of reliability were available.
That system, Myki, is still costing taxpayers millions of dollars through subsidies and blatant fare evasion as witnessed here in Bendigo every day, of course it is easy for a government to claim it has reduced fare evasion after making travel on its busiest section free.
We all have memories, some very good and some not so good, but no matter how selective our memories are the facts will always remain, not even our memories cannot re-write history.
I’m sure we can all recall which government it was that cost Victorian taxpayers over $1.1 billion by petulantly ripping up a legal contract to build a road, and is now complaining because others are following by example.

C Henry,
Kangaroo Flat


What we have to endure

According to Public Transport Victoria (Bendigo Weekly March 16) February results shows the network has improved its performance. What a laugh.
I catch the Bendigo/Melbourne V/Line three to five days a week and the service so far this year has been appalling.
Single failures, staff sickness, late arrivals and departures, the service needs a complete upgrade.
On Friday March 16, I left Melbourne at 7.02pm and got into Bendigo at 10.45pm due to a signal failure at Sunbury.
The service was stopped and had to continue with buses from Keilor Plains.
Time for Jacinta Allan to spend some time on a train and realise what us regular commuters have to endure.

Paul Schodde,


I’m confused

I am a little confused after all this time why Ed Thomas of Kangaroo Flat has written to the Weekly about my letters over the demise of public transport and the North Bendigo railway workshops.
Mr Thomas’ comments on history are some what very selective,and states that he should know because he signed the cheques, and what cheques would they have been and what department were you aligned to?
Your name isn’t familiar to me in my 27 years in the rail industry.
To make these comments now one wonders if you have vested interests in the new Kangaroo Flat pool?
The comparison that I was making in what is happening to the Golden Square Pool was that employees and public opinion didn’t want the workshops to be privatised, amounted to nothing it didn’t matter the powers to be did what they wanted.
And I am seeing the same sort of behaviour happening again with the group of volunteers and the backing of the community that have achieved a far better outcome than what the council was able to achieve.
To be pushed aside to support the new pool irrespective whether people are able to afford or get to the new pool is irrelevant.

Ivan Kitt,


Ducks are shot to eat

Duck shooting is not a sport. (opinion Bendigo Weekly, March 16) The ducks are shot to eat.
One cannot go to the supermarket and buy a wild duck.
I would be very surprised if the people protesting against duck shooting are vegetarian.
I suspect they go to the supermarket, buy their chicken, turkey and whatever else takes their fancy.
They just get someone else to do the killing.

Keith Roberts,


Making their own rules

I write in respect to the Condon Street roundabout.
Sadly enough it is with disbelief that some drivers have made their own rules. Since when is it legal to do a left hand turn from a signed right turn only lane.
Coming down Condon Street in the left lane you either turn left or go straight over to Miller Street.
If you are in the right lane you must turn right into Williamson or Sternberg streets.
The only vehicles that are permitted to turn left into Miller Street from the right lane are the vehicles coming on your right where you can clearly see them.
This blatant disregard to the law is a very dangerous practice.
You are not expecting the car in the right lane to follow you where one has to slam on the brakes or swerve to avoid a side swipe.
I have emailed VicRoads a couple of times to no avail.
I do hope they do something soon before someone is injured.
Come on folks it is hard enough out there now without making your own rules.

Richard Liddelow,


No Robin Hood

I write to raise the issue of Imputation Credits with our local federal member for Bendigo.
Bill Shorten’s attack on the imputation credits need to be explained to those affected, and I am not talking about those millionaires with shares.
I speak for those on pensions who have invested in Australian companies because the bank interest rate is so low.
They need to invest in shares to obtain dividends and franking credits to lift or maintain their standard of living.
Every time I invest or receive an increase in my state superannuation, mine and my wife’s age pension reduces due to the increase in our wealth.
That is good.
This is, in my opinion, robbery of those who took the advice of Paul Keating to invest in Australian companies and get imputation credits instead of being taxed twice.
Thanks to John Howard those on superannuation in the pension stage, pay no tax on their pension.
Now this possible Labor government wants to rip off those who save and invest in an attempt to get away from the clutches of bandits like Shorten.
This is robbing those on part-pensions and self-funded retirees, and he and Bowen know it.
Now what is our local member doing about it?
Or is the member just another “groupthinker” where doubts and deviation from the party line consensus is not expressed?

Bill Collier,
Golden Square


Care for our cat

A big thank you to whoever it was that dropped our black cat off at the vets on Friday night.
A lot of people would just have left his body on the side of the road and not bothered.
We really appreciated being able to pick him up from the vets and give him a decent burial.
Thanks once again.

Owners of Hendrix (Jimmy)