Mum Lucy Schepisi with her twin daughters Martine and Estelle. Photo: BRENDAN McCARTHY


Finding out that you are pregnant with more than one child can be an overwhelming experience.

The Bendigo branch of the Australian Multiple Births Association have organised a free information session on Thursday, April 26 at Holy Trinity Church to tackle that very issue.

A volunteer group, the AMBA provides advice, support and events for families expecting more than one baby.

The group is open for membership to all parents of multiples.

As Bendigo resident Lucy Schepisi, mother of two-year-old twins Estelle and Martine, found out it can be a great way to engage with others in a similar situation.

“It is priceless being a member of AMBA,” Ms Schepisi said.

“To be able to interact with people who have been through the same thing is really reassuring.

“It is a really supportive environment. There is a real camaraderie within the group.”

Information on having multiples can sometimes be difficult to obtain and Lucy urges anyone expecting twins or more to attend the session.

“I would really recommend the information session to anyone expecting multiples,” Ms Schepisi said.

“The health professionals who attend are really informative. Talking about basic things such as toilet training or how to devise a sleeping routine for both twins can be so important.

“It is a really relaxed environment with young and older children mixing together. The motto really sums it up, ‘support from those who know’.”

Entry to the information session later in the month is free and open to both members and non-members.

– Richard Hinman