Bendigo Art Gallery will be part of the world wide ‘Slow Art’ day on 14 April 2018. Photo: BRENDAN McCARTHY


A slow, delicious afternoon awaits visitors this Saturday afternoon at the Bendigo Art Gallery.

As part of the Slow Art Day international movement the gallery is inviting visitors to look at six particular art works under the guidance of volunteer guide Heather McNeill to be followed by an afternoon tea and discussion.

Ms McNeill said the majority of people tend to only spend a few seconds in front of any work when visiting galleries.

“The Slow Art movement believes there’s value in pausing, looking, seeing, reflecting and, if you wish, sharing your thoughts on where the slow viewing has taken you,” Ms McNeill said.

“Slow Art is founded on the idea that your own experience of art is a unique and valid one; you don’t need to have any special expertise to discover the joy of looking at art,” she said.

The art works which will be “slowly” looked at are Walter Withers’ The Drover, Therese Schwartz’s Little Nell, Friedrich Ortlieb’s The Confessions of a Postilion, Mr and Mrs Kinnmear and daughter (Artist Unknown) Emily Kngwarreye’s kame Colour 2 and Sally Gabor’s Nyikyilki.

The Bendigo Art Gallery Slow Art Day (2pm-4pm) is a free event, but bookings are appreciated, phone 5434 6088.