Fiona Baverstock with one of the costumes.

If you love history and costumes, the current exhibition at Dudley House will be extremely enticing.

Women of the Empire: The Homecoming, tells the stories of Australian, New Zealand and Empire women at the close, and after the end of World War I.

Exhibition curators Fiona and Keith Baverstock have researched biographies of fascinating women of the era and sourced costumes they would typically wear.

Each costume is accompanied by the intriguing story: welcome to the life of a suffragette, nurse or munitions worker.

One particular biography is of Dr Elsie Jean Dalyell (1881-1948) a pathologist who was instrumental in reducing the number of amputations when she worked overseas post-war.

Dr Dalyell would intercede on behalf of soldiers whose limbs were gangrenous by analysing the source of an infection.

“The dark, blue woollen costume and hat would have suited her beautifully when she went onto work in Macquarie Street, Sydney, or in post-war Vienna,” Mrs Baverstock said.

The exhibition will be held at Dudley House in View Street until May 13, with half price entry of $5 on Mother’s Day.